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web design company swindon
website design company swindon

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For more information please call 01793 261361

Social media icons are clearly placed to make it easy for people to 'Like' and be kept up to date with business updates, offers and news. Placing these icons clearly in the right place on your website design can help dramatically with your social media response and the more 'likes' that are generated from your website will help your Google position.


Web designs can include photo galleries, location maps, YouTube clips, sound, down-loadable documents, on-line questionnaires and many other possibilities. After you have approved the website and it goes live, we continue to monitor it's traffic and search engine position to make sure it's working effectively.

We create affordable and effective websites for business, taking great attention to detail and an overall focus with high search engine ranking, getting this right has a dramatic effect on the amount of enquiries your website will generate.


Our bespoke website designs are developed to become responsive to whichever media is being used, be it tablet, smart-phone or desktop devices. Many websites miss out because they are not adaptable to these very popular formats. We use quality images and text placed for maximum effect with embedded Google-friendly keywords, with relevant descriptions on each page.

Working to a monthly budget set by yourselves we run Google Adword campaigns that achieve more cost effective results. The way we achieve this is by working with words and how they are placed on your website, balancing that with how popular the words are being used at the time. Please get in touch for a trial to see how we can boost your business.

Email Services

A single email account from us costs just £20 a year, for this you will receive unlimited email through our pop box system, with an added remote access facility from our webmail system.


Internet Marketing

We construct websites to make them work in a way that Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines intended. This search Engine Optimisation work lifts your websites search ranking and reduces the amount you pay on Pay Per Click advertising. This form of marketing is extremely effective when done correctly and has a dramatic effect on your websites effectiveness. We offer free SEO website reports so please take a moment to contact us and let us show you what we can be done to improve your existing website marketing.

Ghost Web Design, 18 Claydon Road, Redhouse, Swindon, SN25 2ED Call for a free website review on: 01793 261361

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